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Sautafrika 14 ag gals naket poto

School was also a factor with 18.5 per cent leaving because they “hate school and study”, and 13.3 per cent citing “pressure on academic performance”."High school students are being forced to study every day after school until late at night, often until 1am, by their parents so they can get into a good college, a requisite for obtaining high-paying jobs," the professor says.

Yu-ja, 18, says she first ran away at age 12 from her parent's home so she wouldn't have to study and could instead, "play, chat and smoke with her school friends all night at playgrounds".

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She left for a few days, sleeping on subway trains. This time she began selling sex for about 5 through a popular online chatting service among underage runaways.

A man in his early 20s picked her up at the Internet café where she had solicited him, and took her to his studio apartment in the capital Seoul, a city of more than 10 million people.

At least a dozen prostitution websites operate online, she adds."No one ever told me it was wrong to prostitute myself, including my schoolteachers,” Yu-ja says. Girls should be taught that from an early age in class here in South Korea, but they aren't."Yu-ja says the last time she ran away she was 17 and had been kidnapped by her father to his residence from her mother's home.

There, he beat her regularly for refusing to take part in track and field activities in high school, so she could get into college despite poor grades.

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