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When DC rebooted its entire line in 2011, Diana’s provenance was changed.

In the “New 52” continuity, the child is the biological daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta and imbued with all the powers of a demigod, including super strength, speed, and the ability to fly.

During 75 years of world-saving, her official biography has had a few nips here, a few tucks there.

The long-awaited film offers yet another version of the Amazon’s genesis, cherry-picking from her various comic backstories and tossing in some new details for good measure.

Over time, the costume (d)evolved — the skirt became short shorts and then pants; the eagle was redrawn as a “WW”; sometimes she had a red cape, sometimes she had a jacket, and sometimes she ditched the whole getup for an all-white ensemble.

Though more subdued in tone, Wonder Woman’s cinematic costume is pretty close to the iconic look from the comics, minus the stars on the skirt. 8, Wonder Woman has used an invisible plane to get around.

While director Patty Jenkins told Yahoo Movies that she’d love for the invisible jet to make an appearance onscreen in the future, the DC Extended Universe version of Wonder Woman follows the latter-day comic playbook, meaning Wonder Woman can fly." data-reactid="193" No.Pérez’s version, set during the Cold War, changed it to the nuclear threat presented by the Soviet Union.The film, meanwhile, is set in 1918, during the waning days of World War I.offered a different take to .The movie sticks with Themyscira as the name for the island, although Steve Trevor pays tribute to the original moniker by jokingly referring to the locale as “Paradise Island.” In both the comics and the film, the island is obscured from the outside world through the actions of the gods: In the comics, it’s typically Athena’s handiwork; in the film, it’s Zeus’s.Diana’s training In the comics, the gods alert the Amazons to an encroaching threat from Man’s World; Hippolyta calls for a contest of skill to determine the greatest warrior, who will be sent off to thwart the menace.

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Yahoo Movies has sorted through the stacks to present a rundown of the 10 biggest ways the movie differs from the classic DC Comics.